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St Petersburg Mindset Coach Cindy Galvin

St Petersburg Mindset Coach Cindy Galvin

This is the story of a Midwestern girl who grew up outside Chicago. In my ‘50s I walked away from a lucrative position in the energy trading industry knowing it was time to change. I was unaware how this decision would ignite an incredible journey that would lead me to the fulfilling and rewarding career I have today. This personal and professional journey would reunite me with an idea and passion I first had decades earlier to help others achieve.

My professional life was already interesting. At 29 years old I was asked to help launch a nuclear fuel brokerage business. It was a perfect fit for a Midwestern girl who grew up outside Chicago with a love of science and a desire to travel internationally.

This singular opportunity taught me the fundamentals on how to build a successful, global business which I have used repeatedly since then. 

Traveling the world for this business was fascinating yet what inspired me most was realizing how similar we are when facing career and life decisions, regardless of our background, position or culture. 

I felt drawn to help people learn how to design and execute strategies to cope with stress and fatigue, how to manage teams or change their career for something more fulfilling though unsure of what that was. 

Starting over later in life was different from 20 years earlier. I invested in programs that promised a lot and failed to deliver. I wanted better!

This motivated me to create my own program and method to kick start change leveraging my diverse background as investigative reporter, broker, global executive and business owner. The experience led to my first book, ‘More to Give-Stepping into your new life at any age’, and to my business of helping clients live happier and more fulfilling lives.

So if you’ve ever had the itch to do something different in your 50s, 60s, or 70s, I’m here to help you design and navigate that journey. 

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Do you have the itch to do something different? 

How would it feel to wake up every day feeling inspired and successful because you’re doing what you believe you were meant to do?  My clients are executives, solopreneurs, traders, teachers and anyone who’s reached a crossroads in life where they feel pulled or inspired to do something different and are in search of help getting there. 

My clients question the sanity of leaving a secure position or struggle with the perceived loss of social status by giving up their title or job, or fear they’ll fail and worry they may be too old to change. Many no longer know what their life purpose is yet desire to become fulfilled. 

The difference between my clients’ success and others is that they’ve decided to believe enough in themselves to seek help with me.

The only thing stopping you from moving forward is you.

More specifically, your thoughts and beliefs. You’ve spent decades building your career, experience and results. You want more, you know you have more to give, and yet you find the prospect of change daunting. 

These are clues that your beliefs are getting in the way, and this is where my work begins. I help you identify patterns of thinking that aren’t working for you so they can be changed. 

I teach you how to recognize the unique talents you have but may fail to see because you take them for granted.

You’ll acquire skills to boost your confidence anywhere at any time to get past that feeling of being stuck.

There’s never been a better time to be in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!

Do you have a desire to find a new job or start the business you’ve always thought about doing. We’re living longer and healthier lives. Technology allows us to work where we want and when we want. 

There’s every reason to keep working in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, if you want! Enjoy the recognition of the benefits of wisdom, maturity and experience that decades of working brings that has led to the significant global increase in the number of people over 50 who’ve chosen a new chapter for the rest of their working career.

Going forward, I provide a personalized process and toolkit which will equip you for the journey towards your best years ahead. 

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What Others Say . . .

If you’re looking for help to plan a new career when you hit the mid-life crossroads of what to do with the rest of your life, I highly recommend this course. It has been enjoyable and exceeded my expectations. The videos, additional resources and support materials work well to provide an in-depth learning experience. The homework assignments helped me to integrate the course material, which I found extremely useful. Cindy knows what she is talking about!”  --Marian Bourne, Stress Management Consultant, London, UK 

Cindy’s course is fun, practical and loaded with useful information with strategies. It’s a must for anyone who’s read the book and wants more. Learn to change the way you think to achieve success.”  --Nancy Cramer, Leadership and Sales

I found Cindy's course to be interesting, intuitive to navigate and provides a nice mix of homework you can complete at your own pace. It was fun, and I felt engaged throughout. It’s definitely worth looking into to learn more about yourself, your goals and what your new career can be.” -- Sheridan France, Medical Aesthetics, London, UK

This is an interesting and informative course that’s different to others I’ve experienced. There are numerous resources to help as you go through each module. I recommend this for anyone who’s interested in learning how to reposition themselves for a successful career later in life.” -- John Clemes, CEO and business 
owner, London, UK

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Did you know?

With a few simple exercises, you can take control of the negative thoughts. If you remove the blocks you’re aware of and those blocks which lie underneath your life will change in ways unimaginable ways! 

Many people want to change and expect it to be quick. Today’s fast world has people believing, wrongly, that a technique isn’t working if they aren’t 180 degrees different within a day or possibly a week. 

If you slow down and ask for guidance to help become more self aware you will notice small changes cementing the rewiring of your brain.

If you learn how to use a Thought Diary, you may transform your mind from focusing on negative chatter to opening up possibilities that spark the flow of the brain’s ‘feel good’ neurochemicals and spur motivation.

How many hours do you spend dreaming of changing your life or your career?

Do you look at what other people are doing and tell yourself that could never be you? But what if it could be you? I’ve heard every excuse for not wanting to change. I know because I used them myself.  

If you have a guide to help you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs so you could excel forward; stop wasting time dreaming and instead start taking action towards your passion, would you be interested?

What if you joined a community of people just like you who decided to focus spending time nurturing and moving toward their passion? 

You’ve had decades of working which has built up experience, expertise and confidence in what you’re doing.  Would you be interested in learning how to leverage your background into something new? 

There are more people expending their time, talents and energy discovering how to work more meaningfully later in life through things they enjoy and are great at. 

Are you ready to explore how to do the same? 


  • Discover the biggest stumbling blocks that will hinder your progress toward success
  • The fundamental elements that can fast-track your success
  • How to stay committed, focused and accountable





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St Petersburg Mindset Coach Cindy Galvin

St Petersburg Mindset Coach Cindy Galvin
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